True Blood – The Stakes are High

The Cast of True Blood

The Cast of True Blood

Warning: mild spoilers of seasons 1-4.

One of the few addictive shows in the summer returns tonight! True Blood season 5!

True Blood Season 5Vampires have dominated pop culture a lot in recent years, but that is in large part due to the immediate success of the HBO series True Blood starring Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, a Louisiana waitress who gets caught up in the world of vampires.

Four years ago True Blood re-energized the blood sucking story by asking the question what would happen if vampires came out of the coffin and made themselves known as a real species and a real community in our world?

The first obvious reaction would be fear. Which history shows leads to misunderstanding and hate. This sets the stage for the beginning of True Blood. Humans in general still fear vampires because they don’t know much about them, except that they could kill you without even trying.

As the seasons have progressed, we the viewers have slowly gotten to see more of the vampire world. There’s a hierarchy of power, territories of leadership, they have weaknesses, and despite what they would have you think, they have emotions and they are capable of love. However, that’s not to say they don’t aggravate easily.

Each season we have been introduced to another supernatural species which weaves into the already dramatic and hectic story lines. Season 1 was about vampires, but we also got a glimpse of a shape-shifter who would later find others. Season 2 (the lowest season in the series) presented a  mythical Greek creature that tried to mind control the town. Season three introduced the usual werewolf suspect, and season 4 brought witches to the front along with ghosts. There hasn’t been any promotion for a new creepy crawly in season 5, but the creators could be keeping that trick in their bag until the right episode.

Christopher Melonie

Christopher Melonie joins True Blood

Season 5 promises to dive further into the politics and religion of the vampire regime. We get several new characters this season (inevitable when people get killed off all the time), including Christopher Meloni who plays a representative of The [Vampire] Authority.

I’m intrigued by the young vampire they’re introducing in the June 17th episode. Spending eternity as a child cannot be easy. It will be interesting to see what his role is and if he’s more powerful than the other “young” vampires how that will affect the story.

Season 5 starts off shortly where the last left off. We get to see the consequences of everyone’s actions last year and whether or not Tara is really dead, and if Sookie will begin to control her powers. The cast and crew are saying it will be the best season yet as tensions are high and all hell is about to break loose.

For any show, season 5 is always a pivotal point in a series. If it’s great, it could go on longer, build an even bigger fan base, and become a legendary series. If it sucks, viewers (even loyal ones) will drop off faster than the residents of Bon Temps. If the creators are smart enough, they’ll know to wrap up the series before it gets repetitive and diluted.

I will be watching on the HBO Go app with my parents login info 😉 once the premiere is posted to see how the first episode kicked off. If you have HBO, it starts tonight, June 10th, at 9pm.

Here’s a little sip to wet your thirst:


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