Kathy – A New Kind of Talk Show


She’ll Say It

On her new talk show series “Kathy”, Kathy Griffin finally has the pedestal platform she deserves. Many of have uttered the expression “it’s about time” when hearing that Kathy has her own talk show. Her personality has always been ready to-go as a host and a leader in conversations. Others might seem too quite or fearful of discussing certain topics—but not Kathy.

With her quick wit and sharp tongue she can handle the world. Her reality show “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List” won 2 Emmy awards and showed just how hard-working and down to earth Kathy really is.

Her new show even goes a step further. While creating her new TV outlet, Kathy still tours around the country performing random gigs at casinos, makes hilarious in-the-field pieces for her new show, and somehow manages to watch a ridiculous amount of TV to discuss while being claimed as the “Living DVR”.

Her talk show may seem familiar, taking the best setups from other shows, but “Kathy” may be a new kind of talk show altogether.

First let me line up the similarities:

Kathy's Panel

  • The intro monologue
    • Like every other late night host.
  • 3 guests on the right
    • Ala Chelsea Lately or Graham Norton.
  • Hilarious field clips
    • Although better than Kimmel or Fallon.

And now the differences:

  • Kathy’s monologue is not a written joke that is regurgitated with little gusto like Leno.
    • It’s a short version of her stand-up where she talks about what’s recently happened to her, or she shows clips from this weeks reality shows. This is a great reward to her loyal fans who want more of what she does best—talk shit.
  • Unlike other shows with three guests, Kathy’s panel is made up of “civilians”, mostly staff who work on the show.
    • Kathy wanted non-celebrities so there would be no hold-back on the discussion. If people can’t talk crap about others what fun would it be?
    • Until the last few episodes she was able to hold out, but do to the success of her young show she has already had a handful of celebrities on.
      • Kathy guests Chelsea Handler and Whitney CummingsChelsea Handler
      • Whitney Cummings
      • AJ from the Backstreet Boys
      • Lance Bass from N’sync
      • and in this last weeks episode 10 Anderson Cooper
  • Unlike other shows with side-screen side-kicks, Kathy’s are actually funny (with the exception of Chuy on Chelsea Lately)
    • Her assistant Tiffany sits in the first row with her mother ready to make judgmental faces and quick remarks.
  • Kathy’s mother, Maggie Griffin, is the shows secret weapon.
    • With wine in-hand, Maggie even has a segment to close the show with Kathy and provide hilarious comments on how the show went.

Kathy talks several topics throughout the show, but the reason why it’s great is because it’s intimate. Not in the romantic sense, they’re in front of audience after all. It’s like sitting in a living room and hanging out with friends. The conversation is hilarious, it flows naturally and they make fun of themselves and others.

Kathy guest Anderson CooperI understand why Kathy would prefer “civilians” as guests, but the rapport she has with her few celebrity guests is brilliant. I couldn’t stop laughing while watching her make fun of Anderson this week. She just lays into him! But don’t feel too bad for sweet adorable Andy, he proves that he is more than capable of dishing it back.

If you watch this weeks episode 10 with Anderson Cooper you can see what I mean. You also get to see 2 of the “civilian” regulars from the staff, one of which is my favorite, Michelle Collins. She is easily the funniest guest on the show.

I’m really looking forward to which other celebrities might make an appearance. Unlike other late night shows, Kathy’s celebrities actually WANT to be there. While other shows get diluted from being on 5 nights a week, Kathy’s 1 night a week keeps the show fresh and packed with hilarity.

“Kathy” is on Bravo, Thursday nights @ 10pm. Watch What Happens.
If you’re frugal like me, you can watch for free online on YouTube, usually a few days after the episode has aired.

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